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A 500 años de Leonardo Da Vinci

Galería CAF - Caracas: Jun - Jul 2019

As a tribute to the 500th anniversary of the birth of Leonardo Da Vinci, the CAF presents the exhibition "Vigencias", with a selection of nine artists and disciplines that act as the validity of creation as an expression of its time.
Medina participates with a spatial intervention with his neutrinos, an element that evolves from his beginnings.
Visit it from June 26, 2019.
CAF Tower, Luis Roche Altamira Avenue, Caracas.

Galerie Dénise René

Rive Gauche - Paris: May 2019

Dénise René Gallery, in Paris,  exhibits in its Rive Gauche space a group of important artists: Agam, Claisse, Colombo, Cruz-Diez, Gordillo, Herbin, Kupka, Le Corbusier, Le Parc, Médina, Megert, Morellet, Picelj, Schöffer, Stazewski, Tinguely, Tomasello, Vasarely.

We are happy to be part of this selection. The vernissage will be on May 23, 2019.

Espace oblique

Galerie Denise René - Paris: November - January 2019

From November 15, 2018 to January 2019, Carlos Medina is present at Galerie Denise René, Paris Rive Gauche, with the Oblique Spatial Fragment piece, as part of the Oblique Space exhibition, where geometry challenges the horizontal and horizontal planes verticals, creating a unique exhibition bringing together the works of artists who explore this concept, among them: Albers, David Bill, Jakob Bill, Blanchet, Claisse, Demarco, Dewasne, Team 57, Ferro, Jacobsen, Macaparana, Marinho, Mortensen, Pe Lang , Picelj, Sobrino, Sunagawa, Ullrich and Vasarely

El arte de la levedad

Cesta República - Madrid: November 2018

Del concepto a la forma

Centro de Arte de Guanajuato - México: October - November 2018

Mexico has always welcomed the work of Carlos Medina with admiration and passion.
On this occasion the Centro de Arte de Guanajuato, presents this individual exhibition "From concept to form" with a selection of White surfaces and spatial interventions that with Neutrinos, Fragments of Rain and Laser can be appreciated in these beautiful spaces.

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Carré Latin

Palais Royal - París: October 2018

Carlos Medina's installation "Spheres with Neutrinos" in  "Carré Latin" art festival.

Work that invites to interact with these two transparent spheres of two and a half meters each; intervened with its concept "Neutrinos" and that have been constituted as the emblematic representation of this third edition of the festival.


Wagner Gallery - Paris: July 2017

As a tribute to the French artist Guy de Lussigny, the Wagner Gallery presents, starting on July 14, the national day of France, its new exhibition Tricolore.
With a selection of artists whose works dominate the colors of the country: blue, white and red, Medina participates with five white works of his Essential proposal.
As always, an impeccable and creative exhibition of this important French gallery dedicated to the dissemination and promotion of universal geometric art.

Géométries de Lumière

Wagner Gallery - Paris: April 2017

In Le Touquet - Paris - Plage, you can enjoy the exhibition Géométries de lumière, in which Carlos Medina presents some of his work along with the French Le Boucher and Levrier-Mussat and the Chilean Contreras-Brunet, there will show each one, from his personal investigations and visions, his proposals on the interesting relation between the geometric work and the light.
Images: Wagner Gallerie Files.

De lo Material a lo Esencial: Book

Denise René Gallery - Paris: November 2017

Next Tuesday, November 21, the act will be held to present the book MEDINA. From material to essential, at the Denise René Gallery -Rive Gauche- in Paris,

Written by the renowned curator and art critic, Dr. Bélgica Rodríguez, this 360-page book reveals the journey of the Venezuelan artist Carlos Medina for more than 40 years in his research and unstoppable work. A work that, always starting from the geometric abstraction, explores innumerable materials and processes, forms and phenomena. With its refined sculptures and in some cases its almost impossible carvings, or from its monumental scales integrated in a spatial discourse, it evolves towards the dematerialization of volume and the taking of space, in which matter is only present within the limits of a new suggested quantum mass His search: a geometric interpretation of the universe through the essence and the imperceptible.

A book that introduces a poetic work in itself, with a prologue by Rafael Cadenas, the great poet of Venezuela. It is also conceived almost as a piece of art under the graphic concept of Zilah Rojas, who, along with her excellent technical team, interprets the cleanliness and purism of the artist, integrating the drawings that precede her three-dimensional creation to show them as two-dimensional works faithful to her concept.

It is a publication published and printed in Paris, under the coordination of Éditions Hermann in its two versions, Spanish - English, and Spanish - French, with translations by Dag Buxell (English) and Carlos Parra Pérez (French); as well as with the collaboration of LCP + Art, its director, Leonor Parra, also from Ascaso Gallery and its president Antonio Ascaso. It can be purchased online or in the main specialized art bookstores, in France, Belgium, Monaco, Luxembourg, Canada, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, United States and soon also in Venezuela.

Art Élysées 2017

Espace Meyer Zafra - Paris: October 2017

Again this year, Carlos Medina will be present with the Espace Meyer gallery.
The Neutrinos of Carlos Medina passing through space in Art Elysées.

Carré Latin

Palais Royal - Paris: Oct 16 to Oct 26 2017

An art festival at the incomparable Palais Royal in Paris, featuring a selection of Latin American artists among which Carlos Medina participates with one of his Fragments of rain, with the Argentine Francisco Asis the artist honored.

De Nature en Sculpture

Fundation Villa Datris- Paris: May 2017 - Nov 2017

Medina present with his work: Fragment de Pluie in the international exhibition De Nature en Sculpture, inaugurated in the Villa Datris Foundation; One of the most important institutions and collections of contemporary art in the south of France. Along with a rigorous selection of French and international artists such as Klein, Long, Smithson, Shigu and the Venezuelans Merida and Crespín, this impressive exhibition that occupies the gardens and rooms of the Foundation, will be open to the public until November 1 of this year.

Fragments Essentiels

Espace Meyer Zafra - Paris: May 2017

The exhibition Fragments Essentiels by Carlos Medina in Espace Meyer - Zafra, Paris, presents the most contemporary elements of Medina's work. Space interventions such as Rain Fragments, Neutrinos, Space Cylinders and Surfaces create an essential and spatial atmosphere, incorporating new technologies and materials.

El pasado, el presente y el futuro

Centro Cultural BOD - Caracas: From Apr, 2017

Neutrinos in three times ... Work of Carlos Medina in the exhibition: The past and the future in the present.

An exhibition at the BOD Cultural Center featuring a selection of the most important contemporary Venezuelan sculptors, with the Belgian curator Rodríguez.

Art Élysées 2016

Espace Meyer Zafra - Paris: October 2017

Carlos Medina will be present with the Espace Meyer - Zafra gallery in Paris at this important fair of Modern and Contemporary Art in its tenth edition.

Imperceptible Caracas

Galería Ascaso - Caracas: From May 30, 2016

After his memorable “Essential” (“Esencial”), Medina delivers his new proposal: “Imperceptible”, showing the transparency and lightness of his elements and geometrical interpretations at different scales and with various materials.

Essential Miami

Ascaso Gallery - Miami: From February 12, 2016

This stunning display is composed by the most recent spatial interventions and a selection of surfaces. It allows a unique experience of concepts and interactions among planes, shapes and space geometry.

See catalogue >>

Latinamerican MasterPieces

Ascaso Gallry - Miami: From November 12, 2015

Ascaso Gallery would like to welcome you to the opening reception of a collective of works by Latin American masters who are celebrating the beginning of the art fair season. It will be a joint event along with The Billionaires Club and the exclusive tasting of Maurice Vendôme champagne.


This exhibit will take place on Thursday, November 12, 2015 at 7:00 pm at Ascaso Gallery in Wynwood (2441 NW 2nd Ave., Miami, FL 33127).

El Arte de escribir sobre Arte -The Art of Writing about Art

Fundación BBVA Provincial - Caracas: From October 15, 2015

On this occasion, the Fundación BBVA Provincial gathers a particular sample of works by artists who illustrate a selection of books written by the renowned Venezuelan historian and art critic Bélgica Rodríguez. Her career covers several years of prolific reflective work about the movements and artists who have defined the scene of visual arts in Venezuela and Latin America.

On this homage to Bélgica Rodríguez, the book “Esencial” about Carlos Medina is presented; it contains the contemporary work of the artist, written by this author and designed by Zilah Rojas.


Bottom left image: SURFACE WITH NEUTRINOS II, 2014 – MDF, steel, acrylic and white vinyl acrylic paint – 43 x 43 x 10 cm. Work contained in the book “Esencial” about Carlos Medina.

Arts Élysées 2015

Avenue de Champs Élysées - París October 22 - 26

The space Meyer Zafra is pleased to invite you to the Art Fair Élysées which will take place from October 22 to 26, 2015 at Stand 137A.

Tangible Forms

Art Nouveau Gallery - Miami: From July 07, 2015

Collective exhibition.


348 NW 29th St. Miami FL 33127



Exposición Colectiva Artistas de Articruz - Collective Exhibition Artists of Articruz

Marion Gallery - Panamá: From June 18, 2015

During the last years, Articruz has collaborated with different artists, both Panamanian and international ones, in the production of their works, their research processes and experimenting, as well as the development of the most varied projects.


Articruz is an atelier for artists, in which each one of them can develop and even perfection their own work.  Different discourses and artistic proposals meet there sharing a common base: experimenting with non-traditional materials and techniques in the art world, and the quest for the optimization of production processes.


Therefore, each one of these artists is an utter representative of their time who uses the resources given by current technological advances in order to propose artistic solutions and to convey their discourse.  Here is where the interest and commitment shared by Marion Gallery and Articruz lie: supporting the artistic manifestations that take on the challenges and opportunities of nowadays world with the goal of innovating in constant search of new art proposals.


It is a source of pride and pleasure to us to present this plural, diverse and current sample, in which sixteen contemporary artists display their proposals along with a representative ensemble of works entirely produced in Panama.

Expresión Libre II - Free Expression II

Art Nouveau Galería - Maracaibo: From June 16, 2015

On the occasion of being close to celebrating Father’s Day, we invite you to visit our spaces and enjoy the collective sample “Free Expression II” (Expresión Libre II) from this Tuesday, June 16.


Opening from 4:00 to 7:00 pm.


Esencial - Essential

Marion Gallery - Panamá: February - April 2015

Marion Gallery presents Carlos Medina’s first exhibition in Panama with a wide sample of his current production.


This exhibition has been almost entirely produced in Panama, collaborating with the atelier Articruz, with which master Medina has been working for the last two years.

La línea: Origen y esencia - The Line: Origin and Essence

Gabinete del Dibujo y la Estampa - Valencia: February - March 2015

The Fundación Gabinete del Dibujo y la Estampa of Valencia and the Topel Páez collection, on occasion of their ninth anniversary, present Carlos Medina’s work from the last fifteen years, which goes beyond the formal limits known by the sculpture; thus, threads, leaves, geometry, surface, drops, fawned paper and subatomic particles meet within a discourse making the space be the sculpture object by means of the line.  Likewise, the resizing of the paper may be witnessed, in which the folding becomes a volumetric state, and the spatial sublimity is projected throughout the line and the dot, the essential elements of drawing.

Esencial - Essential

MACZUL - Maracaibo: 2014

After successful experiences in Mexican museums, the exhibit ESENCIAL by Carlos Medina arrives in Venezuela.  In it, he incorporates unprecedented proposals of his over 40-year long career.  It can be visited until the end of May, 2014, at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo del Zulia -MACZUL.


We will be able to enjoy some of the most contemporary proposals by Medina, among them, his “Fugas” (“Escapes”) in nylon, which evoke light beams; “Neutrinos”, which lead us to a vibrating cosmos; “Superficies” (“Surfaces”), where he combines the techniques of marking and routering; the installations of “Gotas” (“Drops”) in metallic bars at monumental scales; and also his “Gotas” (“Drops”) in aluminum, even larger.  At last, we will have his Laser experience in the 80s as homage to Lucio Fontana.


This unique selection is the result of the artist’s permanent research and work, and it reflects different moments of his constant evolution. Carlos Medina has left a trail in all museums and awards, and important museums, symposia, spaces and recognitions consolidate his growing international presence, where he represents what is avant garde in sculpture and plastics of our country and beyond our borders.

De lo Material a lo Esencial - From the Material to the Essentials

Galería Ascaso - Caracas: 2013

Venezuelan Plastic artist, sculpture. Barquisimeto 1953

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