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Exhibition: Essential

Since last February 25 until next April 18, Marión Gallery will be displaying Master Carlos Medina’s exhibition “Esencial” (Essential).

Medina is a Venezuelan artist with a broad career in the field of plastics and sculpturing research. Through the development of his work, he has devoted himself to exploring the diverse possibilities of the matter by working with various kinds of materials, and producing different plastic solutions for each one of them. Hence, he has confronted the sturdiness and technical demand of the Carrara marble, the porous fragility of the Cumarebo stone, the textures and reliability of multiple woods; the lightness of the paper, the pureness of the metal, and even the experimentation with industrial materials such as nylon and polycarbonate. This has resulted in a work that may look heterogeneous at first sight, even though it keeps a solid assembling consistency behind its apparent diversity.

In his most recent work, his research has gone from physical experimentation to the materiality of the object, and the synthesis of the form and the idea. He focuses on fewer elements every time while moving to the minimal. This last stage of his production holds the pieces that are being exhibited at Marión Gallery, in which the lines, surface and cleanliness of the forms are the main stars. In these works by Medina, the material solidness of the object has yielded to the search for the essence, manifested in the neatness of its surfaces, the lightness of the installations and wiring, and the pureness of its drops and rain fragments.

This exhibition is a great opportunity to get to know a little more about the scenery world, which nowadays arts propose to us.

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